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Tariff Classification

Understanding the various customs classification systems is vital for businesses operating in international trade


Tariff Classification is a legal requirement for all international shipments. Incorrect classification can result in unnecessary duty/taxes as well as fines/penalties

Reduce Customs Costs, Mitigate Trading Risks, Enable Growth Without Investment In Recruitment & Training

Why is correct classification so important?

Our products extract data from shipping documents, understands the content, detects and corrects errors and produces compliant data for your declarations.

Ensuring accuracy with your classification helps businesses to anticipate the costs of importing goods, including applicable duties and taxes. Helping businesses to understand their supply-chain better and plan months/quarters/years with factual knowledge.
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Compliance Codes

ColossNet evaluates the HS Codes extracted from original documents by FastNet, checks them for accuracy and, in the event of an error, finds the correct code to complete a compliant declaration

ColossNet™ examines HS codes, EORI and REX numbers extracted by FastNet, checks them for accuracy and finds the correct codes. It can then amend the error and remember the correct code for future reference.
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Compliance Codes

TermaNet is our analytical tool.

TermaNet™ Dashboards provide clear, accurate information enabling managers at all levels, from Team Leaders to C-Suite Executives, to bring their experience and skill-set to bear on the decision-making process.

It takes data from multiple streams and combines this with information from Visibility systems and Customs live feeds to present a real-time representation of the truth.
ColossNet CustomsPlus Ltd 2021

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Compliance with Data regulations

Secure data archive

Genevanet focuses on data security for you and your data. Here at CustomsPlus we work towards ISO27001 and Cyber Security essentials standards. Ensuring any data is securely archived in what we call 'vault storage'. This meets all GDPR and other data security standards. If you would like further information, please contact us, we would be happy to help.

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Tariff classification plays a pivotal role in international trade. It is not merely about adhering to legal obligations but also about optimising business operations, ensuring compliance, and contributing to the smooth functioning of global trade. Understanding and correctly implementing tariff classification is essential for any business involved in importing or exporting goods.


We built The CustomsPlus Suite to solve all your Customs issues

Our suite of A.I. tools are essentiall for optimising and streamlining your customs compliance process. Incorporating Cloud-based Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we provide electronic data capture and processing with an extremely high accuracy rate. Our automated platform drastically decreases the labour intensive, time-consuming manual processes currently used within the industry and provides management information that will drive business development.

Define Compliance Needs & Strategy

The correct approach to dealing with Customs Compliance is different for every company. With the huge amount of knowledge and experience available at CustomsPlus™, we can set you on the right path to optimising your Customs Strategy, leading to efficiency and confidence.

Extract, Verify & Correct Shipping Data

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning drive genuine automation of your Customs process.

Our suite of products will improve speed, accuracy and cost by picking up every mismatch and error in shipping documents and correcting them.

Organise, Store and Analyse Your Inputs

Organising your information in a certain way will help you acquire AEO status and make Customs Inspections a breeze.

Perfectly presented, bespoke analysis dashboards provide you with all the information you need to monitor and manage the supply chain - and provide you with data that will give you a competitive edge.


As well as being cost effective, CustomsPlus™ products and services are designed to be improve and streamline your international trade, customs management and trade compliance.
CustomsPlus™ will help you prepare for and take full advantage of the trend for digitisation in
customs and trade. ​

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We provide the right solution to every customer

You only get the best results from automation when it is designed by industry experts to suit your needs and delivered by the best Cloud developers around.

We promise that we will deliver the right tools for the job AND make sure your people are trained to get the best out of them and are happy with both method and results.

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