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We deliver tailored Customs Consultancy & Training to the unique needs of your organisation

Define Tactical & Strategic Objectives that will drive success
Acquire Tools & Procedures to deliver Planned and Reactive Activities
Make a Plan to Exploit these Tools and Procedures
Utilise accurate, Real Time M.I. to drive procedures

Does any of this sound familiar?

Even experienced Supply Chain users and operators find that problems occur
and they can cause problems internally and with customers.

  • Do you have missing shipments?
  • Are your, or your customers' goods stuck in Customs?
  • Are you worried that you are legally responsible for mistakes made by third parties (vendors, shippers, brokers)?
  • Are delayed goods affecting your Customer Relationships?
  • Are demurrage Charges building up
  • Is time being wasted firefighting Customs issues in real-time
  • Are penalties and fines eating into your margins and taking up time to correct errors?
  • Have you been offered cookie cutter training but do not know if it will really benefit you?

problems we solve

Cost-Effective Customs Strategy for your business and your team

Wherever you are in the World, you might view Customs Regulations as an obstacle to trade that you want to avoid and hope that you won't have to deal with any problems or the consequences of mistakes.


Customs can be a tangle of compliance, codes, rules, fees, duty payable, local regulations and procedures that vary from country to country and port to port.

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Many companies in the Global Supply Chain struggle to find the right balance when deciding how to deal with Customs Compliance.

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You will probably use a broker to deal with Customs issues but do you see  a fair return on this cost? We can help you get best value from your brokers.

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Or do you operate at a scale which would reward investing in highly trained staff that become a fixed cost and eat into your margins when business is slower?

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Finding out the answers to these questions is what will help you create and deliver a successful Customs Strategy

If You Need Help In Any Of These Areas, Talk To An Expert Today

As well as being cost effective, CustomsPlus™ products and services are designed to be improve and streamline your international trade, customs management and trade compliance. CustomsPlus will help you prepare for and take full advantage of the trend for digitisation in customs and trade. ​


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