A case study

The Complexity of Classification


Significant shifts within the supply-chain sphere have resulted in overhauls of processes and regulations. The United Kingdom and European Union are migrating away from the traditional checks we have seen in the past. A large food and beverage provider within the UK and EU approached CustomsPlus for help. Our SME’s walked the organisation through our discovering overpayments in the region of 3.2 million.

Our Solution

Using our automated tool, TermaNet, we were able to successfully run automated queries against management data from January 1st 2021. As this is an automated task the turnaround around time is very little, allowing the customer to understand issues quickly and plan road-maps. Our SMEs walked the organisation through our findings, identifying discrepancies at entry number level enabling the customer to return to their brokers and HMRC with fact-based evidence paired with insight. Working cohesively we discovered overpayments in the region of 3.2 million.

The Results

The company was able to recover 3.2 million. They were able to remove brokers who had ignored coherent instructions and migrate work elsewhere. This in turn helped the operations team to manage and control the business with critical eyes. The team were no longer employed as firefighters but were able to drill into their work and obtain the best outputs possible. The company was able to remove a variety of laborious/unnecessary steps within their operational flow