Who Are Customs Plus™?

CustomsPlus® products and services are designed to improve and streamline your international trade, customs management and trade compliance. Find out how our experienced team can help.

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OUR experience

Our Customs team have over 120 years global supply chain experience

We have an exceptional team of consultants with expertise across most areas of logistics / supply chain plus innovators in the fields of Cloud-based data-processing, document extraction and online security.

We’re committed to solving complex business challenges using new technology and exploiting all available data sources. This, combined with our creative and collaborative strategic approach will deliver business improvement.

Learn more about some of our talented professionals below.

120 plus Years
team experience, Company culture

Although we are proud of this statistic, we are more proud of our customer-focussed culture and ethos. Delivering success is our mission.

Everyone is on board with this ethos, from developers to Customs Specialists

97% Retention
We drive customer satisfaction

Put simply, our clients keep their clients.

They say that since adopting CustomsPlus® Strategy and Technology, they have retained nearly all their business.

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OUR difference

We use the power of AI to digitise & optimise customs

FastNet™ automates the ingestion of unstructured data sources (commercial invoices, AWBs, BOLs, packing lists etc) in real time. It will transform, clean, enrich and deliver a packet of structured data that can be used to feed specific applications within your business (ERP/transportation management tools/customs software etc). 

Coloss ™ adds another, specialist layer of detection as it checks and corrects complex product and origin codes.

This Artificial Intelligence combines with Machine Learning to future-proof your Customs Solutions, matching changes in legislation across the World. Whether your challenge is the acquisition and management of AEO, Customs Declarations or C-Suite Management issues, our technical and practical expertise is your assurance of robust, cost effective and long-lasting solutions. ​

Commited to a better,
Customs Process

From implementing new business strategies to ultra-efficient work processes, CustomsPlus® is ready to help. We help our clients by delivering services that  transform the way they do business.

We Do Data

We are a data centric organisation specialising in global trade, Customs Management and Invoice processing automation

We Do Processing

We are a leading customs and trade document processor enabling visibility, speed and accuracy of data from disparate sources

We Do Innovation

We are a combination of industry veterans, and graduates driving innovation, digitization and the automation of customs and global trade processes

Experience a better way.

As well as being cost effective, Customs Plus® products and services will improve and streamline your international trade, customs management and trade compliance.

You will also embark on a virtuous cycle of development, leading to:
Better employee conditions, leading to improved retention and morale
Greener processes, which reflect well on your reputation and brand
Faster processing of freight, leading to improved customer satisfaction
More efficient interactions with Customs Authorities
Reduced costs, therefore improved value for consumers

Optimising the Customs Entry Process across The World...

Discover how we deliver Automated Customs Technology, Compliance Services and Strategic Consultancy : all designed to make your Customs interactions so efficient that they present as enterprise opportunities.

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