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Supply Chain Audit?

Discover a Data-Driven approach to auditing your shipping costs, with integrated access to Customs data

Monitor shipping expenses and identify errors
Easily compare freight rates across your business
Never pay an inflated invoice again
Streamline your processes and make more profit

Does any of this sound familiar regarding your Shipping Costs?

Everyone who moves goods around the World knows that they could do it better, but you can't keep an eye on every shipment as it happens. It's frustrating!

  • You know that over-billing is probably happening but it's time-consuming to keep track.
  • You feel at a disadvantage when negotiating freight rates without accurate information available.
  • You can't easily see which carriers are meeting their Service Level Agreements and which aren't.
  • You are sure you could have a better transportation strategy, but need accurate data on costs and efficiencies to do this.
  • You always try to pay the correct duty on every shipment, but suspect you may err on the side of caution and over pay.

the problem

Does your business lack reliable oversight of shipping or a quantifiable method of tracking and comparing freight invoices?

Do you regularly have disputes with carriers over invoices and performance?

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the solution

Using CustomsPlus Supply Chain Audit, you will have real-time access to cost and tax/duty data, matched to operational data.

CustomsPus will advise how to use this data to best serve your business.

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The result is that you can monitor and control your expenditure, both in terms of cost of shipping  AND duty or tax paid and due.

You are confident that you are paying the correct amounts to the right people.

You can enter negotiations with freight providers, empowered by accurate, relevant data thus taking control of your supply chain costs.

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what we do

We enable you to take control of shipping costs

CustomsPlus™ can support your business as a qualified and independent advisor with technology, core expertise and market insight across the global supply chain and deliver cost effective, timely and highly insightful best practice strategies.

Monitor the cost of logistics

Freight rates can often be negotiated before contracts are signed. However, companies often pay more for freight than what the carrier quoted.

CustomsPlus™ Supply Chain Audit creates records of invoices and contracted rates, compares the two and records mismatches. It also generates real-time alerts according to the rules you set.

Accountability and Visibility

Verify that supply chain invoices are correct before they are approved, reducing the time and stress expended on disputes.

Save time in your accounts department and deliver management information to managers that will drive efficiency decisions on routes, suppliers and transport methods

Organise, File and Analyse Your Data

Organising your information in the cloud will give your team and managers access to data no matter how the working environment might change.

Functional, real-time dashboards provide you with all the information you need to monitor and manage your supply chain budget - and provide you with data that will give you a competitive edge.

how it works

Take control of your Invoices and Supply Chain Costs will reduce

You don't need to employ a third party to audit your logistics costs periodically.
You can take the process in-house, keeping control, improving your cashflow and empowering you to negotiate with complete confidence.

1. Talk to us about your issues and needs

Everything starts with a conversation and we want to understand your circumstances and objectives before recommending anything.

2. We match your requirements with our service - if we can

Our Marketing Director's favourite saying is, 'Never sell disappointment' so we will only recommend a solution that truly suits your business.

3. Finalise the plan and work with you to get your teams onboard

Our implementation team will be with you at every step as you get used to your new strategy to bring down costs and reduce the stress of disputing past transactions.

If You Need Help In Any Of These Areas, Talk To An Expert Today

As well as being cost effective, CustomsPlus™ products and services are designed to be improve and streamline your international trade, customs management and trade compliance. CustomsPlus will help you prepare for and benefit from the trend for digitisation in customs and trade. ​


Talk To Us About Your Supply Chain Audit

Our data-driven approach to Supply Chain Audit can unearth hidden cost savings, efficiency and opportunity in your business.

Supply Chain Audit and payment services can be used to help companies avoid paying for over-billing and negotiate better shipping rates in the future.

And, most importantly, they can choose more efficient transportation options with the best carriers. It all starts with visualising data for your management teams.

But with CustomsPlus™ Supply Chain Audit, you can also monitor duty and taxes paid to make sure you are compliant and haven't over-paid.