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Referral Partner Opportunity

Hello and thank you for referring your contact who is interested in using the CustomsPlus suite of products and services. Please use the enclosed form to register your sales referral opportunity with CustomsPlus.

In our world a sales referral opportunity is a qualified prospect who has a high probability of becoming a customer. To ensure CustomsPlus deliver value to their referral partners and to understand your opportunity is a good fit we need to know that your prospect has:-

  • Need
  • Approval
  • Budget
  • Timeline

In a nutshell your prospect should have pain points that can be solved by using CustomsPlus products and services and have an interest in our offering. If your referral does not meet the opportunity criteria it may be considered as a lead to be developed to opportunity status either by yourself or depending on the complexity of need with the support of CustomPlus.

Filling out this form will register the opportunity with our CRM, enabling us to tell if we are already in touch with this prospect and if not, to register your 'ownership' of the opportunity.

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