Graham Illingworth

Graham has worked in Supply Chain and Logistics for over 30 years and has extensive experience in all aspects of Integrated Supply Chain.

Initially started in the industry as an officer In the Merchant Navy, who then migrated into a mix of Operational and Business Development roles with a global remit.

Graham has lived in the southern hemisphere for the last 20 years, with critical postings in New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore. With APAC regional responsibilities

Over the last 15 years, he has held senior management and Vice President  level positions within the top 10 Global  4pl organizations.

They were playing a part in enabling Global organizations to develop their service capabilities within the APAC region and the world.

Graham has a genuine people-first attitude, and his long-standing clients appreciate his frank and supporting engagements.  


·       Customer Relationship Management

·       Freight Invoice Process Management, Audit, & Compliance

·       Supply Chain Technology and Integration

·       Supply Chain Compliance & Analytics

·       Benchmarking and Procurement

·       International Transportation

·       Customs Brokerage and Compliance

Graham graduated from Liverpool  & Southampton universities in the United Kingdom; he now resides in the East Midlands, is married, and enjoys watching many aspects of the sport, and is involved in Charitable support on a Global basis,

If you would like to contact Graham concerning our services, please email him at

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